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Wildcat Sport Full Guide 2023: Price, Performance and More

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Get ready for an in-depth exploration of the Wildcat Sport XT in this comprehensive guide. We’ll cover everything you need to know about this versatile off-road vehicle, including its price range, powerful engine, exceptional performance, and dimensions. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a newcomer seeking an exhilarating ride, this article has got you covered with a full guide to the Wildcat Sport XT.

Wildcat Sport Full Guide 2023 Price, Performance and More

Wildcat Sport Price

When it comes to the pricing of the Wildcat Sport, it’s important to consider the suggested price as well as the low and average retail prices. The suggested price for the Wildcat Sport is $14,599. However, it’s worth noting that the actual retail prices may vary. On the lower end, you may find the Wildcat Sport listed for around $6,550 as a low retail price. On average, the Wildcat Sport tends to have an average retail price of $8,620. These price ranges can be influenced by factors such as the model year, condition, optional features, and the specific dealership or seller. It is recommended to check with authorized Arctic Cat dealerships or reputable retailers to get the most accurate and current pricing information for the Wildcat Sport.

ValuesSuggested PriceLow RetailAverage Retail
Base Price$14,599$6,550$8,620

Engine & Drivetrain: Power Unleashed

  1. Battery: The Wildcat Sport XT is equipped with a single 12V starter battery, providing reliable power to start the engine and support the vehicle’s electrical system.
  2. Engine Type: Powered by a liquid-cooled 4-stroke, inline-twin cylinder single overhead cam gas engine, the Wildcat Sport XT delivers robust performance and efficient power delivery. This engine configuration ensures smooth operation and optimal performance on various terrains.
  3. Displacement: With a displacement of 700cc, the Wildcat Sport XT possesses ample power to tackle challenging off-road conditions. The engine’s displacement contributes to its overall performance, delivering sufficient torque and acceleration when you need it.
  4. Drive Train: The Wildcat Sport XT features a continuously variable transmission (CVT), which provides seamless and responsive power delivery. The CVT ensures smooth acceleration and enhances overall drivability, making it easier to navigate rough terrains with confidence.
  5. Drive System: The vehicle is equipped with an electric 2/4-wheel drive system, allowing you to switch between 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive modes as needed. Additionally, it includes a 4WD lock feature, which provides enhanced traction and stability in challenging off-road conditions.
  6. Fuel System: The Wildcat Sport XT utilizes a closed-loop fuel injection system, optimizing fuel efficiency and ensuring precise fuel delivery. This system adjusts the air-fuel mixture based on real-time data, resulting in improved performance and reduced emissions.
  7. Gear Selection: The Wildcat Sport XT features rapid response clutches for gear selection, including high, low, reverse, neutral, and park. These clutches enable quick and smooth transitions between gears, allowing for seamless control and maneuverability in various situations.
  8. Front and Rear Differentials: The vehicle is equipped with a 2/4 differential with an electronic actuator in the front, providing enhanced traction and control. In the rear, it features a rear transaxle differential, contributing to optimal power distribution and stability.

In summary, the Wildcat Sport XT’s engine and drivetrain components are designed to deliver exceptional performance and reliability. From the powerful and efficient gas engine to the versatile drive system and responsive gear selection, this off-road vehicle is well-equipped to handle a wide range of terrains and challenges. Whether you’re conquering rugged trails or navigating through diverse landscapes, the Wildcat Sport XT’s engine and drivetrain provide the power, control, and versatility needed for an exhilarating off-road experience.

Performance: Conquer with Excellence

  1. Total Capacity: The Wildcat Sport XT boasts a total capacity of 730 lb (331 kg), allowing you to bring along essential gear and equipment for your off-road adventures. Whether you’re planning a camping trip or embarking on a day-long excursion, the ample capacity ensures that you have enough space to accommodate your belongings.
  2. Bed Load Capacity: With a bed load capacity of 300 lb (136 kg), the Wildcat Sport XT provides a convenient storage solution for hauling additional items. From camping gear and tools to supplies for outdoor activities, the bed of the vehicle offers sufficient space to transport essentials with ease.
  3. Towing Capacity: The Wildcat Sport XT is equipped with an impressive towing capacity of 1500 lb (680.4 kg), making it an ideal choice for those who need to tow trailers, small boats, or other recreational equipment. Whether you’re heading to the lake for a weekend getaway or transporting heavy loads, the Wildcat Sport XT can handle the task effortlessly.

Wildcat Sport Features: Innovative Versatility

  1. Instrumentation: The Wildcat Sport XT is equipped with a digital gauge that provides a wealth of information to the rider. This includes a speedometer, odometer, trip meter, RPM, gear indicator, fuel gauge, low fuel warning, 4WD/diff lock indicator, clock, air intake temperature, coolant temperature, coolant temperature warning, battery voltage, and hour meter. Having access to this data allows riders to stay informed about the vehicle’s performance and overall condition.
  2. Lighting: The Wildcat Sport XT features halogen front lights that provide bright and effective illumination, ensuring clear visibility in low-light or nighttime riding situations. The dual LED brake lights/taillights further enhance safety by making the vehicle more visible to others on the trail, reducing the risk of accidents or collisions.
  3. Seating: The Wildcat Sport XT is equipped with comfortable bucket seats that offer excellent support and comfort during off-road adventures. These seats are designed to keep riders secure and in control, even when traversing rough and uneven terrain. The ergonomic design helps reduce fatigue, allowing for extended riding sessions without discomfort.
  4. Storage Components: The Wildcat Sport XT includes a practical and convenient storage setup. It features a bed with tie-down hooks, providing ample space to secure and transport gear, equipment, or other items. Additionally, there is a glove box for storing smaller personal belongings, ensuring they remain easily accessible during the ride.
  5. Safety: Safety is a priority in the Wildcat Sport XT. It is equipped with 3-point seat belts for both front occupants, ensuring secure restraint while riding. The seat belt rev limiter enhances safety by limiting the vehicle’s speed when the seat belts are not fastened. Standard half doors with nets provide additional protection, preventing debris from entering the cabin while maintaining an open-air feel. The steel tube ROPS (Roll Over Protection Structure) enhances the vehicle’s structural integrity, providing added safety in the event of a rollover. Other safety features include headlights, a brake light, and a seat belt reminder light to promote safe riding practices. The passenger grab handle offers a secure grip for added stability during the ride.

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