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Shore News Beacon: Your Best Local Breaking News Resource

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This article will give you an overview of Shore News Beacon, including its history, origins, areas of news coverage, how to find them on the internet, and more.

What is Shore News Beacon?

Shore News Beacon Your Best Local Breaking News Resource
  1. Introduction to Shore News Beacon:
    • Shore News Beacon (SNB, which will be used in the following content) is a dynamic news platform that emerged in late 2016, dedicated to delivering timely and comprehensive coverage of breaking news in the Delaware and Maryland region.
    • Since its inception, SNB has gained tremendous popularity, amassing a strong following of over 94,000 on various social media platforms by 2023.
    • In February of 2023, Beacon 3883 was launched with the objective of expanding the reach and influence of the SNB concept.
  2. The Growth and Impact of Shore News Beacon:
    • Over the years, SNB has established itself as a trusted and reliable source of information for residents and news enthusiasts in the Delaware and Maryland area.
    • Through its commitment to delivering accurate and up-to-date news, SNB has successfully garnered a large and engaged audience.
    • The platform’s significant social media following serves as a testament to the quality of its reporting and the value it provides to its readership.

Shore News Beacon Mission

Shore News Beacon, operating under the mission of Beacon 3883, is dedicated to delivering timely and accurate news and information while upholding a commitment to respect. The platform strives to provide valuable content that keeps readers informed about the latest events and developments in the Delaware and Maryland region.

The significance of the number 3883 in the name holds a personal and heartfelt meaning. In Delaware, where lower tag numbers hold value as a commodity, the founder of SNB, Dave Beacon, chose to incorporate his father’s first tag number, 3883. Additionally, the number 88 represents the station number of the first fire department Dave’s father joined.

The inclusion of the number 3883 in the name, Beacon 3883, serves as a lasting tribute to Dave’s father, who passed away in 2022. It symbolizes the deep appreciation, respect, and remembrance of his father’s legacy. Through this meaningful association, SNB aims to honor the founder’s family history while delivering news that reflects the same values of respect, integrity, and dedication to the community.

Shore News Beacon User Guide

Shore News Beacon
  1. Introducing Beacon 3883 and Regional Expansions:
    • Beacon 3883, launched in February 2023, represents the next phase of development for the Shore News Beacon network.
    • As the parent network for all future regional expansions, Beacon 3883 aims to broaden the scope of news coverage and provide a platform for more localized reporting.
    • One such expansion is the addition of New Castle News Beacon, which joined the Beacon 3883 family in February 2023. New Castle News Beacon focuses on delivering news related to New Castle County, Delaware, and the surrounding area of Cecil County, MD.
  2. Coverage Areas and Expanded Reach:
    • SNB remains committed to its original coverage areas, encompassing Sussex and Kent counties in Delaware, as well as several Maryland counties, including Worcester, Wicomico, Dorchester, Caroline, Talbot, and Queen Anne’s.
    • In addition to its existing coverage, SNB has now extended its attention to include incidents in Kent County, MD, ensuring a comprehensive and balanced portrayal of news from the region.
    • Through these expanded coverage areas, Shore News Beacon aims to provide an even more thorough and in-depth understanding of the diverse communities it serves.

Where Can I Find Shore News Beacon?

  1. Facebook:
    • To stay updated with the latest news from SNB, you can follow them on Facebook.
    • Visit their Facebook page at @shorenewsbeacon, where you’ll find a wealth of news articles, updates, and engaging content related to the Delaware and Maryland region.
    • By following their Facebook page, you can easily access their posts and stay informed about breaking news, local events, and other relevant information.
  2. Website:
    • Shore News Beacon can be accessed through their official website,
    • On their website, you’ll discover a user-friendly platform that provides comprehensive news coverage, including articles, reports, and features from the Delaware and Maryland area.
    • By visiting, you can explore different sections, navigate through various news categories, and delve into the stories that matter to you most.
    • The website is regularly updated to ensure you receive the most recent and relevant news and information.